Student community management software

- Register and keep an accurate record of all your community members

- Member profiles with social media integration

- Metrics driven promotion and growth efforts

For student communities:

Events management

- Record all of your expenses

- Export your data easily

- Metrics on spending habits and historical data

- Create events and invite members with ease

- RSVP features. Know exactly who and how many will attend

- Add to calendar, notification reminders

- RSS calendar integration

Membership management

Social media hub

- Connect social media accounts and reach your target audience

- Easy communication with all of your members 

- Schedule your promotional efforts automatically when you create events


Metrics and Reports

For campus-life admins

Uncover insights on communities, events, trends in student activity, spending, and co-curricular involvement.

Approval control for new communities, events and budget transactions.

Interactions with communities are online, so the turnaround on requests is fast. Don't kill trees, kill wait times!

Full training solutions for students and administrators conducted online or in-person.

Succession planning

Transferring community admin duties allows all communities the chance to stick around and grow.


Online management

Paperless workflow

Staff and student training

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